General overview of the digest review process

The review process for Demiurge is a very simple and fast one, and it starts when a corresponding author submits a digest (i.e., a geo-referenced genotype matrix in the T4 format plus ancillary information relevant to its interpretation) for publication in this web-based information system.

Demiurge then automatically gives the submitted digest a unique code (which is e-mailed to all the digest authors), and stores the digest into a temporary, non-searchable area of the web until the chosen reviewer has given clearance to its final release to the public, under Demiurge's terms of use. Since the unique digest code does not change after the revision process, the digest authors can use it at once in their scientific communications.

To choose a reviewer, Demiurge searches among the registered users who selected the molecular tecnhique the digest refers to when they filled in the registration form. Demiurge automatically selects as a first reviewer the person who has been registered for a longer time without reviewing a digest. Digest authors are excluded from this selection process.

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