In order to facilitate the creation of new converters, all the necessary resources have been collected in one SDK to be distributed as a ZIP file. The content of the SDK (see document linked below) is the following:

Once you have downloaded the SDK zip file to your computer, you can decompress it in a directory, which we will refer to as <sdk_dir>. We encourage you to read this guide completely before doing anything else.

To start working, you can unzip the converter "Tester.zip" to a directory and navigate through the sources. You can also open it with NetBeans, have a look and play with it.

To start creating your own converter, you can use your favorite IDE adding the provided jar files to the classpath. On the other hand, you can unzip the provided NetBeans example project (converterTester.zip), and rename it to your convenience, so you will have a project ready to use it as a starting point.

Download T4 Converter SDK 2.0